Are you fed up of your body that isn’t working well for you?

Do you feel stuck and stiff?

You want to exercise but your not sure where to start?

Maybe you don’t like a gym environment?

Do you want to improve your fitness levels?

Do you want to work on specific goals?

Find out how a 1-1 Pilates on studio equipment can benefit you!!

The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy. — Joseph Pilates

Trowbridge Pilates

Trowbridge Pilates provides private tuition by Body Control Pilates® teacher Emma Trowbridge, based in Torpoint, Cornwall.

Trowbridge Pilates’ aim is to promote efficient movement enabling you to move and feel better, not only in class but out with too!

1:1 Pilates equipment lessons to work towards YOUR specific goals in Torpoint!

Pilates Studio Equipment

Classes on the reformer, cadillac tower and exo chair- find out how they can help you?

Pre- and Postnatal Pilates

Emma provides 1:1 tuition for pre- and postnatal clients to ensure the class is dedicated to the mother’s specific needs, helping her to prepare her body for pregnancy and birth…

HIP Pilates®

(HIP = High Intensity Power)

Incorporating the precision of movement of a Pilates, this High Intensity Power uses small hand weights to add a cardiovascular dimension…you may choose to have a whole session of HIPpilates or incorporate elements into your program.