Trowbridge Pilates Classes

Booking Information

Prior to your first class, you must complete and return an enrolment form, not only to comply with Trowbridge Pilates insurance requirements but to allow for planning a class to cater for your needs.

Please note, there is a separate version of the enrolment form if you are attending Pre- or Postnatal Classes.

Returning your enrolment form

As this form contains personal information, we would recommend that you send it via a secure file transfer service such as WeTransfer, rather than sending it via email (which can be intercepted as it is not generally encrypted).

  • Download the form, fill in your details and save it to your computer
  • Then visit
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to “Add your file”
  • In the “Email to” field, enter Emma’s email address:
  • In the “Your email” field, enter your own email address
  • In the “Message” field, type a short message to Emma
  • Then press “Transfer”

You’ll get a confirmation message and email to say that the file has been sent.

Once the form has been checked, payment details will be sent.  Payment in full secures a place.

Classes are booked in five-week blocks; please check dates as it is not always consecutive weeks.

If you are unable a class, you may ‘catch it up’ by attending another within the block, space permitting.

Unless attending a beginner’s Pilates block, or you have an injury it is advisable to attend a 1:1 first, this allows Emma to go through a few of the basic principles in a variety of starting positions, adjusting your body position if need be so that you can come to your first class, feeling confident and starting to be aware of how you move your body before integrating into a class environment.

All bookings are subject to Terms & Conditions

All group class and private class bookings are subject to the acceptance of Trowbridge Pilates’ terms and conditions.

Please follow the link below to view the terms and conditions, comprising the cancellation policy and class etiquette.