Meet Emma Trowbridge

In her previous career as a musician in the Royal Marines Band Service, Emma spent years struggling to stand on parade. Emma became increasingly frustrated as she tried to overcome this issue that led to pain and eventually a mental barrier too.

A friend suggested Pilates, and Emma has not looked back! It was quite unlike any military physical session she had done; however, she took to it immediately.

Such was the positive impact, both mentally and physically, that Emma wanted others to experience, she trained to teach Pilates with renowned Body Control Pilates®. A year’s dedication to teacher training ensured hours of supervised teaching throughout the country before qualifying in Mat Work Level 3 Pilates in October 2016 upon leaving the military.

Emma continued her training, qualifying to teach Pre and Post Natal Pilates and found this hugely beneficial to aid in her next adventure of motherhood. She attributes her lack of back and pelvis pain often associated with pregnancy to her continued Pilates practise allowing her to keep mobile throughout.  Similarly, she turned to Pilates to aid her recovery of an emergency caesarean section.

Emma takes great joy in teaching Pilates. She recently discovered Franklin Method® and loves the style of learning and amazing results, too! After recently completing her lower back Fascia training, Emma has jumped at the opportunity to do her Level 1 Educator with Franklin Method®.

These two methods complement each other and Emma continues to develop her knowledge and skills in both areas to ensure her classes are always progressing and fun!

Emma’s Qualifications

Body Control Pilates® Basic Mat Work Level 3 (2016)

Body Control Pilates® Intermediate Mat Work (2019)

Franklin Method® Fascia Trainer for the Lower Back (2020)

HIP Pilates® (2020)

Pre- and Postnatal Pilates (2017)

Courses Attended

Body Control Pilates® Reformer, Basic and Intermediate (2020)

Anatomy in Motion – Closed Chain Biomechanics: Lower Limb (2020)

Standing Pilates (2019)

Small Ball and Toning Circle (2016)