Hopefully, you will have noticed by my social media updates that I am now a Franklin Method® Fascia trainer? You may be wondering what Franklin Method® is and why I have trained in it when I am so passionate about Pilates? Let me take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about my Franklin Method® journey so far!

After a year’s hard study and supervised teaching, I was delighted to pass my exam and qualify as a Body Control Pilates© teacher in 2016. What I did not quite realise at the time, it was only beginning. It is like a drug, you want to do more Pilates, learn more about the body and movement, and to be able to help people more.

Through different classes, I had heard of the Franklin Method® but was yet to experience it. The opportunity arose when Tom Waldron, one of the country’s top educators planned a Pelvis and Psoas workshop in Edinburgh in May. Fortunately, despite the lockdown, the workshop was delivered online and I loved it. The combination of Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery™ and Embodiment really felt like “wow, I can feel what you are describing”, and when moving my body, it really made sense.

After attending a few more of Toms workshops, it was announced the first online training opportunity with Eric Franklin, the founder of the Franklin Method® – Fascia Trainer for Lower Back. Admittedly, I did not know much about Fascia and decided I needed to enhance my knowledge and this method seemed the perfect way to do so.

The training itself lasted over a weekend Friday to Sunday, four hours each day, with quite a lot of pre course work! And you know you’re in the right job when you’re excited about training!

I feel so privileged to be taught by Eric Franklin, he is a fabulous teacher and even when training online might normally be tiresome it certainly did not feel that way and the hours whizzed by. Learning was through embodiment, which, for me, was a far better learning tool than reading the words in a book.  Together, with visual tools such as Eric Franklin’s illustrations, which were often imagery based and the anatomical models it allowed a clearer understanding which translated into more efficient movement.

I believe using these tools in Pilates to give clients a better anatomical understanding can only enhance their experience and allow them to move better.

For the last hour of our daily workshops, we broke into smaller groups with Faculty teachers, allowing us to practise teaching the exercises ourselves to the rest of the group. This was an exciting chance to mix with other movement teachers, including yoga and dance, from across the World.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and felt a real connection with it. Franklin Method® teaches you how to use self-talk, realising the positive effect it has on your body – a particularly useful skill not only in the Pilates but in life.

I have started incorporating Franklin Method® techniques into my Pilates classes and look forward to presenting my first Fascia Fitness for a Healthy Spine workshop.