Who could have imagined the challenges we have faced in 2020? At the start of the Pandemic in March normal classes in Rosyth Parish Church hall ceased to a halt to protect everyone against this horrible virus.

I saw various other classes move to an online platform and to be honest, I thought ‘ I can’t do that!’. Despite years at university using quite a mix of technology on my Music Degree, the prospect of online classes seemed daunting as I had pretty much avoided technology since then! However, a client asked if I would give it a go and I wanted to for my clients, and for the community that they are. 

Luckily, the HQ of Body Control Pilates (BCP), who I have trained with, have expertly guided all their teachers from the beginning on how to proceed online so we can continue to enjoy Pilates during these difficult times.  After a couple of practise zoom calls with family, I then sent out instructions to those who wished to join me online.

I am thrilled at the enthusiasm and determination of clients to join me on Zoom! As the weeks have passed, we luckily haven’t encountered any major technical issues (fingers crossed)! As much as I enjoy teaching Pilates, I like to log on a wee bit early to catch up with everyone. And almost like when people tend to arrive at the church hall before class, I can almost predict how early people log in too. 😊

Of course, being online brings its own challenges too! Where on earth to position your screen? Especially when the whole family is at home too! The classes might not flow as much as in the hall, giving you time to adjust your screen from when your standing to lying on the floor!

And the huge difference from my perspective is how I teach and give feedback. Before this, I would quite often give hands-on correction and this obviously isn’t an option online or not likely after we return to hall classes, therefore I give more verbal feedback.

For me and I am sure my lovely clients, my classes have provided a bit of structure to our weeks. Allowing a bit of me time, and a chance to enjoy freeing up your body whilst we maybe spent more time indoors than used to.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has continued to support me during this time, and to those who have joined me from their living rooms around the country!  As we progress out of lockdown Pilates classes must wait a bit longer, but I want to make sure we are all safe so we will continue Zooming for the time being. I appreciate it has not been possible for everyone to join us online and look forward to returning to the church hall. (Again, this will be through guidance from BCP HQ- thankyou for all your help!)

During lockdown, I have taken the opportunity to take part in courses online, and I look forward to sharing my experiences in future blogs. If you would like to join in my online classes, please send me a message!

Take care

Emma x