Pre- and Postnatal Pilates

Pregnancy is a special time for expectant mothers, it is a period of change as the mother’s body evolves as her baby grows inside her.  As a qualified pre- and postnatal Pilates teacher, Emma is in the privileged position that she can help a mother-to-be prepare her body for pregnancy.  Teaching mum to adapt to a growing bump and the pressures that can play on the body that often result in aches and pains, helping to keep fit and healthy.

Pilates can also assist in preparing for the birth-building strength, exercising to help with baby’s positioning, pelvic floor and breathing awareness.

After birth, you will have hopefully receive simple exercises from a physiotherapist to start your recovery.  Pilates is a safe form of exercise that progresses this recovery and helps to build strength.

If you would like to benefit from Pilates please contact Emma to arrange a private class at a convenient time, dependant on your health and stage in pregnancy. Adhering to Body Control Pilates guidelines, new pregnant clients will only be seen after week 16 and where medical permission has been obtained.

However, if you are planning to have a baby Emma would recommend attending Pilates beforehand preparing your body, then you may be able to continue Pilates practise into early pregnancy if you wish, and with medical permission.

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