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Pilates Private Classes

1:1 and 2:1 tuition available for those looking for a personalised session. Perfect for those who are training for an event, and for those who are rehabilitating from injury.  If you are unable to manoeuvre onto a mat, Trowbridge Pilates can facilitate mat classes on the raised surface of the reformer platform in a 1:1 class.

In detail…

These classes are a great opportunity to work on specific goals, though still work to achieve movement in three dimensions in various starting positions. There is no hiding in a private session but do not worry you will have the chance to work on technique that might not be possible in a mixed class.

Private sessions are recommended if you are recovering from injury or illness, or if classes do not suit your needs. Again, they can incorporate the use of small equipment such as the physio ball.

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If you’re looking to enhance your Pilates or training a reformer session can greatly aid you. It may look intimidating, but once started you are sure to love the feeling this unique piece of studio equipment offers. All exercises will be demonstrated, and your teacher will adapt the reformer if required e.g. changing the spring tension.  You may also explore methods for self-practice at home using small equipment.

Reformer 1:1

Private Classes Now Available

The unique Pilates Reformer promotes muscle length, strength, flexibility, and balance, working the whole body, using the resistance of springs. Private sessions are available in Trowbridge Pilates home at beginner and intermediate level.

Pre- and Postnatal Pilates

Emma provides 1:1 tuition for pre- and postnatal clients to ensure the class is dedicated to the mother’s specific needs, helping her to prepare her body for pregnancy and birth. Pilates can also assist in building strength both mentally and physically after birth safely.

In detail…

Unlike other classes that last an hour, there is more flexibility in the length of these classes. As your pregnancy progresses or you begin your pre-natal recovery you may prefer a slightly shorter class. Throughout this amazing time, your body changes dramatically, which will challenge your Pilates principals of Alignment, Breathing and Centring.

Adhering to safety guidelines we will adapt starting positions to suit, working to keep you mobile and strong throughout your pregnancy, whilst working on breathing, and pelvic floor exercises. (Yes, they are important before birth too!)

All bookings are subject to Terms & Conditions

All group class and private class bookings are subject to the acceptance of Trowbridge Pilates’ terms and conditions.

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