What is Reformer Pilates?

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The universal Pilates Reformer, created by Joseph Pilates, works the entire body through the same Pilates Principles as Mat Work. Unlike mat work, that works your body weight against gravity, this versatile piece of studio equipment offers varying degrees of resistance, adding a different dimension to your Pilates practice.

The Reformer has a bed-like frame that supports a gliding carriage and moves on runners via a series of springs and pulleys. It benefits adjustable features that allow the equipment to adapt to an individual’s proportions and to suit their physical and technical ability.

Specific areas can be targeted whilst working the core to stabilise the body on the moving carriage. The reformers diversity allows Pilates practise in various positions including lying on the carriage, prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing. The closed-chain feedback and resistance work together to strengthen your entire body.

The feedback the resistance gives you can help you achieve movements that may not be possible for you on the mat, allowing you to practise Pilates and move to a new level. This opportunity to explore these exercises, although challenging feels exhilarating.

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